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Our associate arborist and our graduated employees, will be able to offer you efficient, competent and professional tree services.

Tree removal

Felling a tree is often the last resort. Before cutting down a tree, we will try to save it with pruning or cabling. It is important to cut down a tree that is dead, that has become weak due to insects, diseases, fungus or root system is damaged.

Tree pruning

Pruning for better tree health and everyone's safety. Pruning involves removing crossed (interfering) branches, dead or weak. The impact on the structure of the tree is minimized in this techniques.

Stump removal

After felling a tree, we recommend that you remove the stump to avoid problems and to recover this lost space. Stump removal involves mechanically shredding the underground part of the trunk that connects the roots together.


Cabling consists of fixing one or more cables in the tree in order to strengthen it. Cabling is done with steel or fabric cables. However, the Progazon arboriculture team only uses fabric cables (Boa or Cobra) for bracing. Cabling with fabric allows the tree to retain a certain flexibility in addition to not piercing the tree. 

Wood removal

It is sometimes necessary to clear buildings when trees are too close to the structures. In fact, a tree that is too close to a building can help trap moisture on the roof or damage the exterior siding, especially the windows or the roof.

Brush chipping

During our pruning and arboriculture work, all branches 12 inches and under are reduced to wood chips. The job sites are therefore clean when we leave. For environmental reasons, the shavings are reused and mixed with the soil, making it enriched soil. It is also possible to hire our services for shredding only.

Crown elevation

Crown elevation is a pruning method that involves removing the branches from the bottom of the tree so that light penetrates further. The crown enhancement allows the vegetation under the tree to grow and breathe better. It can also be recommended to make a crown enhancement when it is difficult to maintain the vegetation that is under the tree. Indeed, when the branches of the tree are too close to the ground, it becomes difficult and even dangerous to mow the lawn or to maintain the plants located under the tree.


It is good to thin a tree to make more light in a backyard, on a terrace, a swimming pool or a glass roof, etc. It is also recommended to thin a tree in order to promote the growth of the vegetation below it. It is however important not to cut too many branches when the time comes to thin a tree (between 10% to 25% of the tree). If too many branches are removed, the tree will grow weak branches, resulting in a higher risk of them breaking with wind or snow. In addition, these new branches are not safe for the tree because they distort its structure.

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